Fields of Services

  • Criminal Law – defending and representing clients as the indemnified parties
  • Compensations for all types of material damages, losses in profit, i.e.
  • Inheritance law (drafting of a will, lifetime maintenance contract, initiation of probate proceedings, representation in probate proceedings)
  • Representing clients in judicial, extra-judicial, enforcement and other procedures (assessing the success outlook in the particular procedure, planning strategies for the procedure, collecting and analysing the existing evidence, writing claims and other accompanying documents, etc.)
  • Compensation for non-material damages (fear, bodily harm, permanent marring; the most common examples include: dog bites, consequences due to car accidents, falling into open sewer shafts, libel, emotional pain due to the death of a close relative, emotional pain due to disabilities, emotional pain due to detention without legal grounds, restrictions and limitations of everyday life activities, etc.)
  • Representing clients in the process of purchasing real estate (examining the status in the Cadastre, preventing possible damages to buyers due to possible hidden deficiencies in the real estate in terms of encumbrances, double contracts, etc.)
  • Restitution (representation in procedures pertaining to the recovery of confiscated assets)